Baking Brand Photos | Kayla’s Cakes | Cache Valley Brand Photography

I was so excited to do my first baking brand photos, or just my first brand photos in general. And this session did not disappoint at all. This session was seriously so fun!

One of my big goals for 2024 was to start doing some brand photography, so when this opportunity came, I knew I just had to take it. And it was such a great first brand session to do for sure.

In this session, the brand I was able to do photos for was for Kayla’s Cakes. Kayla reached out to me looking for some photos to represent her business and brand. Kayla is an at home baker who makes some pretty delicious baked goods. All of the cakes and cupcakes that Kayla makes are always decorated so cute and perfect. And Kayla herself is such a sweet person. So, if you live in the Northern Utah area and need cakes, or cupcakes I highly recommend that you reach out to Kayla’s Cakes. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed!! (If you are interested in reaching out to Kayla’s Cakes click this link HERE!)

For these baking brand photos for Kayla’s Cakes we did them at a studio in Cache Valley called Pinion Place. This studio made for the perfect set up for these photos for sure. The kitchen made for the most perfect kitchen for a clean and professional look for baking brand photos.

During this session Kayla brought some fun things to include in the session as well. Some of these things included some cupcakes, a wood board, a tiered tray, boxes with her logos on them, and a special apron. All of these items were just perfect to have included and really help capture her brand. We also included Kayla in some of the photos. Kayla is such a fun person and made for these photos to turn out just perfect for her brand and business.

I absolutely loved being a part of this brand session. With this being my first ever brand session I am so proud of it and I can’t wait for more opportunities to come my way. And who knows, maybe you and your brand could be next…

Are you loving what you are seeing? Ready to book your brand photo experience with me? Get in touch and book me as your brand photographer. I can’t wait to hear from you!!

-McCaslin C. Z. Owner of MCZPhotography

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