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Doing these extended family photos in Bear Lake was so much fun!! It was a great group and we got some great photos and captured some fun memoires.

We did this session in Bear Lake Utah in a beachy area. We brought some Adirondack chairs as well as a fun prop to add the the beachy family session look. For this extended family session it was the grandparents and their two kids as well as all the grandkids and great grandkids. So much love and fun from this family.

For this Bear Lake Extended Family Photo Session, and really any extended family session I do, I have certain photos I try to make sure I get. I always start with the big group photo, as that is usually the one that is most important and really the reason you probably booked the session in the first place. To have one big group photo of the whole family together.

I then start to break down into other groupings. Ultimately I get whatever groupings that you really want. But some pretty common ones are the Grandparents with the grandkids, grandparents with great grandkids, individual family units, sibling photos, just all the grandkids together, a nice photo of the grandparents together, an other couples together, and any individual photos anyone wants.

I also try to look for fun in between moments to capture yours and your family’s personality. I also have some fun prompts that I like to include to bring out some fun candid feeling photos. Overall when having your extended family photos done with me you can be sure you will get all the variety in your photos you could ever want.

Loving what you are seeing? Ready to book your family photo experience with me? Get in touch and book me as your family photographer. I can’t wait to hear from you!!

-McCaslin C. Z. Owner of MCZPhotography

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